Elsa Roberts

Elsa Roberts' path to feminism and subsequent atheism started when she was about 11 and realized how much the Southern Baptist church she was raised in hated women. It was reinforced when her father informed her that she could never have a job supervising a man, since women were supposed to be subservient. She knew something couldn’t be right, and the seeds of deconversion were sown. Her identity as atheist solidified while attending college at Michigan Tech University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Communication and Cultural Studies. The pursuit of her degree only made her more passionate about feminism and other social justice issues; she used most classes as an opportunity to write about gender and sexuality. Her senior project was about the construction of masculinity in our culture, particularly focusing on how humor is used.

After college Ms. Roberts worked with victims and survivors of sexual assault, providing crisis counseling, doing educational outreach, and forming Michigan Tech’s first peer-led crisis response team. Then, in Miami, Florida, she worked for a scholarship and granting body that focuses on the needs of lesbian, bisexual, and trans women. Currently, she is attending graduate school at Michigan Technological University, pursuing a degree in Rhetoric and Technical Communication. 

In Miami she has also discovered the cycling scene and is a proud member of Emerge Miami, a group that encourages cycling, arranges community rides, and organizes on a host of progressive issues. When she has spare time she also occasionally volunteers with Planned Parenthood and SAVE Dade, a local organization dedicated to promoting pro-equality candidates. She is also a proud member of the ACLU.

When she has personal time Ms. Roberts loves to cook, enjoy craft beer, cycle, run, camp, and read.

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