Local Secular Women's Groups

We provide this directory of local women's groups that may be of interest to our members. To get your group on this page, submit its information here.

These secular women's groups are independent of Secular Woman. We make no representation about any of them, but hope you will consider checking them out.


Pasadena: New and Pregnant Moms of Pasadena/Altadena

District of Columbia

Washington, DC: American Humanist Association Feminist Caucus, established in 1977 as a coalition of both women and men within the AHA to work toward the advancement of women's rights and equality between the sexes in all aspects of society. Originally called the Women's Caucus, the new name was adopted in 1985 as more representative of all the members of the caucus and of the caucus' goals. The Feminist Caucus continues to be the active feminist arm of the Association. Over the years, members of the Caucus have worked hard fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment and participating in various public demonstrations, including marches for women's and civil rights. Contact: Zelda Gatuskin (femcaucus@americanhumanist.org)


Winter Spring: Central Florida Mothers Beyond Belief, offering discussion groups and support for parents who wish to raise caring and moral children without religion. This group is aimed at agnostic, humanist, atheist, skeptics, and other freethinking parents who would like to find a community of like-minded families. Our group provides a supportive and encouraging community for a wide spectrum of freethinkers where the decision to raise your children without religious dogma is respected, and where we can come together and socialize freely and without censorship. This group is open to all moms in in Central FL. We can communicate online, and also meet up for play dates, Mom's Night Outs, Community events, etc. Contact: Dori Diamond (doridiamond@cfl.rr.com)

Tallahassee: Tallahassee Godless Women
Contact: Brandi (bbraschler91@gmail.com)


Indianapolis: Center for Inquiry-Indiana Women in Secularism, offering a once a month group for women only -- a place where women will feel comfortable discussing issues that are of special importance to them and to plan programs and advocacy work especially on women's issues and other issues of interest to the group. Mothers are welcome to bring their children. There is a children's play area and the Elizabeth Cady Stanton lounge available for their use. Mothers are responsible for their own children. Contact: Reba Boyd Wooden (indy@centerforinquiry.net)


Louisville: Atheist Women of Louisville


Grand Rapids: Grand Rapids Atheists and Freethinkers: Women's Group is a women’s group that meets monthly for for open conversation and friendship without any particular agenda. Contact: Stephanie (GRAFwomen@gmail.com)


Las Vegas: Atheist Moms of Las Vegas

New Mexico

Albuquerque: Women Atheists & Freethinkers


Cleveland: Secular Ladies' Social Club

Columbus: Heathen Chicks, a subgroup of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio that meets once a month at a local cafe. Contact: Julia (coordinator@hcco.org)


Dallas: Women of Reason Dallas--Fellowship of Freethought Dallas  (WORD) provides social, educational, and outreach opportunities for freethinking women in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A subgroup of Fellowship of Freethought Dallas, WORD strives to create a welcoming space for women who are new to the movement as well as for those who are already involved in freethought, atheism, and skepticism. WORD is also interested in promoting women's voices in the freethought community as a whole. To that end, WORD will feature freethinking women speakers through an annual conference. Contact: Melanie (Melanie.Clemmer@fofdallas.org)


Everett: Atheist/Agnostic Moms of Snohomish County

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