Thanks and Spanks

Corinne Zimmerman

SW came along exactly as I was moving into the Eriksonian stage of "Generativity vs Stagnation" and I was waffling with where I wanted to *make a difference*.

Greg Ammons

I'll be liking 'succulent woman' when she bops by... :)

Secular Woman Facebook Like Page

PZ Myers

Say, look: it’s a new organization promoting godless values, called Secular Woman. You should join. I just did, and they didn’t even balk at my Y chromosome!

Amanda Gulledge

Males are typically more rational.


Carli R.

Thank you,, for giving me a vessel with which to explain my true thoughts, not taken out of context and made into an internet meme or made into a poorly-written article about what a villain I am. Everyone I've met in representation of the [organization] seems to be logically-thinking beings who know a real villian when they see one, and thank you for supporting me- the survivor.


Currently, our 501(c)(3) status is pending approval with the IRS. All donations received during this time may be treated as tax-deductible contributions. We are confident that our application will be successful. However, we are required to inform you that should our application be deferred or denied your donation would not be tax-deductible.

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