At Secular Woman, we’re firm believers in not reinventing the wheel. When you have a problem, you’re probably not the first person or group to have had it. Someone else has had to figure this out already, and we want you to benefit from work so you can get back to your main mission. To that end, we work hard on training our movement.

With Secular Women Work, we’ve put on two conferences of activist training and four tracks of workshops at Skepticon. Want workshops at your conference too? Contact us. We’d love to arrange a Secular Women Work track for you.

Secular Woman has also produced tracks of programming for Freethought Blogs’ and The Orbit’s online conferences. These panels are available on YouTube:

We’re currently working to create web-based training that allows female and genderqueer activists through the movement to share skills and develop ties to other activists who face similar challenges in their own organizations.