Hello everyone!


I’m M. A. Melby (not my real name) from Minnesota.  I teach physics.  I write.


I’m pushing 40 years old, been married to a man for almost 20 years, have two small children; and live a life that I once believed to be mundane.


I’ve been writing seriously for several years.  My most popular pieces tend to be of the take-down variety


Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint.


However, I want to correct an error that I made writing growing up.  Sometimes we see our own lives as the default – as ordinary – as normal; and I’m no exception.  It’s been difficult to shake the idea that if I “write what I know” that it simply will not be interesting.  However, every step of the way, either in my writing or experimental music, I’ve been encouraged to share my stories.


This is what I did for Atheist Voices of Minnesota and (amid the occasional point-by-point evisceration) that is what I’ll do for you.


Hi. I’m M. A. Melby (not my real name) from Minnesota.  I grew up in the middle of nowhere, in a Scandinavian American town isolated from the rest of the world on a small dairy farm.  I was the nerdy band-kid at a school with a graduating class of about 40 people.  I toured China with a wind ensemble in 1993.  I used to dress up as a vampire and run around playing rock-paper-scissors.  I both persevered and failed miserably as a woman pursuing a career in a STEM field.  I make noise.  I’ve shoveled shit and I’ve worked “at the beam” studying epitaxial thin films – and both were actually pretty awesome.


Be seeing you.

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