This week in the member's only group we were talking about (curated links):

1. Everyone Should See the NFL's Chilling New Domestic Violence Super Bowl Ad

2. How Mainstream Feminism Continues to Perpetuate Ableism (And How We Can Change That)

3. Creator of the Birth Control Pill Dies

4. The Psychological Difference Between $12.00 and $11.67

5. Armed Gamergate-r Crashes Mother's Prius en route to Brianna Wu's House

6. How Do We Decide What's Offensive

7. Acclaimed Novelist Sells 30 Million Books, Is Remember For Her Physical Appearance In Obituary

8. Withdrawing My Endorsement of Sunday Assembly Los Angeles

9. New All-Feminist Ghostbusters Is A Punch in the Dick to All of Mankind

10. Two ex-Vanderbilt players convicted of rape

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