This week in the member's only group we were talking about (curated links):  

  1. Soraya Chemaly on Family Planning
  2. Representatives that are in Jail!
  3. Hostility to Reproductive Rights, by State
  4. Can the U.S. Ever Fix its Messed-UP Maternity Leave System?
  5. GOP Bill Offers $2,500 in Damages to Anyone Who Catches a Transgender Person in the Wrong Bathroom
  6. Republicans Introduce an Anti-Abortion Bill so Extreme that GOP Women in Congress are Revolting
  7. The Temporary Tatoo that Test Blood Sugar
  8. Woman Excommunicated for Attempting to Become Catholic Priest
  9. Cardinal Burke Somehow Blames "Feminized" Church for Sexual Abuse Crisis
  10. Duval Clerk of Courts gets National Skewering on "The Daily Show" Over Marriage Decisions

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