Secular Woman, Inc. is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Georgia in June of 2012. Currently, there are six Secular Woman Board of Directors.


The mission of Secular Woman is to amplify the voice, presence, and influence of non-religious women.


Secular Woman envisions a future in which women without supernatural beliefs have the opportunities and resources they need to participate openly and confidently as respected voices of leadership in the secular community and every aspect of society.



  • We consider the term “woman” to apply to anyone who presents herself as a woman or says she is one.


  • We embrace human-centered ethics informed by reason and science. We reject dogma, superstition, pseudoscience, and religious authority as sources of morality and truth.
  • We hold that all human beings are entitled to freedom from others’ religious ideologies in living their lives, engaging with service providers, and interacting with government.

Health & Sexuality

  • We support every person’s right to bodily and sexual autonomy. Gender expression, sexual orientation, and consensual sexual expression are for individuals to determine.
  • We view age-appropriate, comprehensive, medically accurate health and sex education as vital to responsible decision-making by young people.
  • We oppose all attempts to criminalize or limit access to comprehensive reproductive services such as contraception and abortion.
  • We support the right of women and men to engage in sex work free from shame or coercion.
  • We affirm that everyone has the right to feel safe, confident, and secure in their personal and emotional interactions.
  • We oppose harassment, bullying, objectification, and other forms of aggression both physical and nonphysical in all settings

Family & Relationships

  • We hold that each person has the right to seek happiness through consensual relationships that enhance their lives.
  • We embrace diverse concepts of family and parenthood. Love and security come in many forms.


  • We abhor the use of religion as a justification for the oppression of women.
  • We insist that women have basic and human rights that are equal to those enjoyed by men, including equal opportunity and equal pay for equal work.
  • We hold that women are entitled to full and equal participation in all levels of government.

Secular Community

  • We desire a secular movement enriched by the presence and influence of many kinds of people. We wish to be instrumental in increasing gender diversity within the secular community.


  • Advocate for women’s bodily autonomy and sovereignty
  • Promote secular women by providing opportunities to network and connect with other women in the secular community
  • Increase the financial stability and ensure the longevity of Secular Woman