Abort Theocracy

Show Your Support for Reproductive Rights with @AbortTheocracy Stickers

Want to show the world that you proudly support reproductive rights? @Abort Theocracy, Secular Woman’s project focused on the intersection of religious power over women's bodily autonomy and sovereignty and dedicated to terminating that connection by opposing religious influence in government, now has stickers available depicting @AT’s stunning logo.

“What a smart way to remind us that legislators have a responsibility to expand access to care, not infringe upon our rights!” says Becca Thomas, director of @Abort Theocracy.

Perfect for your car, your laptop case, your bike panniers, or your office wall, @Abort Theocracy stickers are an attractive way to show your support for reproductive freedom and help end the stigma surrounding abortion. The stickers come with your $6 donation to Secular Woman’s efforts to amplify the voice and influence of women in the secular movement and combat religion in government.

“Upon launching @Abort Theocracy, some of the first requests we received were for stickers––and here they are!” says Secular Woman president Kim Rippere. “We hope you enjoy them and consider giving them as holiday gifts!”

Order them online here.