What are we Talking About

There are many interesting and insightful conversations happening in the Members Only Facebook group.  Want to know what we are talking about?  This weekly series highlights a few articles that members found interesting.

This week in the member’s only group we were talking about (curated links):

  1. How to Tell Someone They Sound Racist 
  2. Bush Rejects Family Tradition, Opposses Planned Parenthood
  3. Ask if Birth Control is Right for You
  4. Finally, Atheists are no Longer just Old White Men
  5. ‘Hobby Lobby on Steriods’
  6. 10-year-old Girl Raped by her Stepfather Denied Abortion
  7. Sexism in Science:  Peer Editor Tells Female Reseachers Their Study Needs a Male Author
  8. Red Lipstick and Rape Culture
  9. Ron Lindsay and the Myth of the Feminists Who “Cry Sexist”
  10. Shit People Say to Women Directors