CHANGE is so excited to unveil part of our AIDS 2012 efforts today–we’re releasing transit shelter ads and Facebook cover photoswith the message we’ll be taking to the conference: “AIDS-free Generation? Not Without Women.” If you’re in Washington, D.C., keep an eye out for the ads (exact locations included below), and please consider uploading one of the five Facebook cover photos, or sharing them on Pinterest. We’ll also be tweeting if you would also consider sharing some of the following tweets:

·         We can create an #AIDS-free generation. But not without #women. Upload an #FB cover photo: #AIDS2012

·         #Women are more than half the world pop living w/ #HIV. Take action. Sign the declaration #fem2

·         #AIDS-free generation? Not Without #Women. Support women at #AIDS2012 and change your #FB cover photo: #fem2

Text of press release:

Contact: Melanie Boyer, Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE)

[email protected]

(202) 669-2501

AIDS-free Generation? Not Without Women: Transit Shelters Tout Bold Message for International AIDS Conference

WASHINGTON, July 9, 2012—The Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) today unveiled a series of transit shelter ads that tout a targeted message to participants of the upcoming International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012): “AIDS-free Generation? Not Without Women.” The series of five ads will run in eight different transit shelters around the Walter E. Washington Convention Center today continuing through the first week of August. The AIDS 2012 conference will take place at the convention center July 22-27.

“We cannot create the AIDS-free generation that Sec. Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration have envisioned without addressing women directly,” said Serra Sippel, president of CHANGE. “Women now account for more than half of the world’s population living with HIV—that was not the case as little as six years ago. Something in the current response to HIV has left women at increased risk of infection. The world has to adjust its approach—a woman-dominated pandemic requires a woman-centered approach, which means scaled-up investment in female condoms, integrated HIV and reproductive health services, and special attention to the social aspects that drive the pandemic—gender inequality, violence, early child marriage, and poverty, to name a few. The demographics of the pandemic have changed. Our responses have to change with it, or we won’t make any progress against it.”

The ads have also been released as Facebook cover photos, and CHANGE will be giving away poster-size versions for free during the conference. They can be previewed on CHANGE’s website.

*Update: Section removed at the request of the srouce of the quote due to pending legislation*

The transit shelters displaying the ads are located on:

·         7th Street NW, 30 feet north of L Street NW, location #910519

·         7th Street NW, 48 feet north of M Street NW, location #910520

·         H Street NW, 46 feet west of 11th Street NW, location #810925

·         H Street NW, 150 feet east of 7th Street NW, location #911276

·         11th Street NW, 49 feet north of K Street NW, location #910304

·         14th Street NW, 10 feet south of I Street NW, location #910160

·         H Street NW, 10 feet east of 7th Street NW, location #910450

·         K Street NW, 45 feet west of 15th Street NW, location #810901

During the conference, CHANGE will be hosting 18 women from sub-Saharan Africa and the United States who are also openly living with HIV, in addition to hosting and co-chairing a satellite session and Congressional reception on woman-centered HIV prevention and treatment.

A full press kit on AIDS 2012, women, and HIV is available here.

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