Please note: this fundraising campaign is no longer active.

This summer Foundation Beyond Belief  (FBB) is hosting their first national conference on July 18-20 in Chicago, with presentations on philanthropy, volunteering, community building, practical workshops, and hands-on volunteer opportunities. It’s the first of its kind in the freethought community, and Secular Woman is pretty excited about it.

One of the commitments FBB had made is to gender balance among the speakers, and they have asked the amazing Caroline Fiennes to be their keynote. She is executive director of Giving Evidence, a UK-based company that consults on evidence-based giving, past CEO of climate change charity Global Cool, and author of It Ain’t What You Give, It’s the Way That You Give It. Here she is at a regional TED talk in the UK.

Secular Woman has been asked to co-sponsor Caroline Fiennes.  The sponsorship costs $1000 and is well worth it!  We need more secular women headlining secular organizations and events.  We are asking our members, supporters, and the atheist/secular community to help fund this sponsorship.  As you can see, the conference date is fast approaching, please donate today.

Anyone donating over $30 will get an @AbortTheocracy sticker. anyone donating over $75 will get a Secular Woman Surly necklace.  Please remember to include your mailing address!  

If the $1000 goal is unmet or exceeded the monies will become part of Secular Woman's general fund.

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