When Secular Woman’s President, Kim Rippere, and Vice President, Elsa Roberts, attended HEADS, they were made aware of a petition to leaders in the secular movement, urging them to stand up against sexism and other discriminatory behavior and embrace a message of social justice. Secular Woman wishes to formally respond to this request by stating that we categorically support the main points laid out in the petition:

We support making the atheist movement more diverse and inclusive.

We support strong, sensible anti-harassment policies at our gatherings.

We support the people in our community who have been the target of bullying, harassment and threats.

As an organization we strive, and will continue to strive, to remain aware and responsive to issues of power and privilege and how those issues affect the secular community as well as broader society. We will speak out against injustice and for equality and inclusion of minorities and other oppressed groups. Secular Woman believes that moving forward as a movement means confronting the issues of systemic racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia. To that end we embrace the values of feminism and humanism, using them to guide our vision and goals for the future.

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