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Welcoming Additions to the Secular Woman Board

As the end of our first year as an organization approaches, Secular Woman is pleased to announce two new additions to our board: Charlotte Klasson and Nicole Harris. As our organization has grown, additional board members have been essential in helping us to execute our mission and goals to the fullest.

Nicole Harris was doubtful of religious doctrine and faith from a young age, questioning key concepts of Catholicism with inquiries like, “These are stories like fairy tales, right?” She honed her feminism in the riot grrrl scene of the 90s, making zines and exploring revolutionary concepts of gender roles. During this timeframe she also fell prey to pseudoscientific thinking while battling health conditions, but, after a treatment that went badly, she began doing her own research and developed a newfound sense of skepticism. Harris is also a fearless advocate for women’s bodily autonomy, putting her body between protesters who are seeking to limit women’s access to abortion, and as a clinic escort.

Charlotte Klasson didn’t grow up in a religious family and so did not have to struggle with the process of leaving a particular faith. In her adult life, she has been active as a secular humanist, in 2012 accepting the position of board president of New Orleans Secular Humanist Association. She is also actively involved in LGBT and women’s rights issues, having served on the board of the New Orleans LGBT community center and currently serving as a representative to the National Organization for Women (NOW) for the Mid-South region, as well as coordinating the New Orleans chapter of NOW.

We are delighted to welcome Klasson and Harris to our board and are excited to be working hand-in-hand with them on our mission to amplify the voice of secular women across the country.


Secular Woman is an educational non-profit organization whose mission is to amplify the voice, presence, and influence of non-religious women. For more information about Secular Woman visit:

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