This week in the member's only group we were talking about (curated links): 

  1. Stop Letting Trans People Die
  2. Black, Queer, Feminist, Erased from History
  3. Misogynist Blogger:  Make Rape on Private Property Legal so Women can have 'Learning Experiences'
  4. 8 Ass#oles Who Show up Every Time the Word Feminism is Used
  5. After 'Much Prayer.' Doctor Refuses to see 6-year-old Baby Because She as Two Moms
  6. Secular Lent
  7. Secular Avenue
  8. A Female Computer Science Major at Stanford "Floored" by the Sexism
  9. Erasing ex-Muslims and Mulsims:  How Atheists Harm Us
  10. TN GOP Lawmake Wants to Establish the Authority of God in State Constitution

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