What are we Talking About

There are many interesting and insightful conversations happening in the members only group about a variety of topics.  Want to know what we are talking about? This weekly series will highlight a few articles that members found interesting.

Curated Links:

  1. Do Online Death Threats Count as Free Speech?
  2. Student Battered to Death for Helping Women
  3. Fetus not People, Catholic Hospital Says in Court
  4. White People Cannot Relate
  5. Transgender Woman Shot, Killed While Pounding on Door for Help
  6. Last month, a Texas grand jury cleared two white cops who beat a black woman in jail
  7. George Will to Speak at Michigan State University and Receive Honorary Doctorate
  8. Some Girls Would Like to be Entomologists
  9. Einstein to Marie Curie; Trolls and Slut Shaming
  10. 39 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2014

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