What are we Talking About

This week in the member’s only group we were talking about (curated links):

  1. This App Makes Your Phone Buzz When You Approach Places Where Women Made History
  2. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
  3. A Christian Nation?  Since When?
  4. 11-Year-Old Girl was Raped Twice – She was the one who went to Jail
  5. Transmen Bathroom Selfies
  6. The Uncomfortable, Taboo Reason Why Homeless Women Have it Harder
  7. Barbara Blaine: Exposing Prients’ Sexual Abuse
  8. Experience the Powerless, Daily Drudge of beign Street Harassed in Statsis
  9. Amnesty Condemns Iran Birth Drive
  10. Transgender girl is a Role Model for Women

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