What are we Talking About


There are many interesting and insightful conversations happening in the members only group about a variety of topics.  Want to know what we are talking about? This weekly series will highlight a few articles that members found interesting.

This week in the member’s only group we were talking about (curated links):

  1. Scientists Perturbed by Loss of Stats Tool to Sift Research Fudge from Fact
  2. Christians Furious After Tennessee Swingers Club Rebrands as Church to Sneak Around Zoning Laws
  3. Anita Sarkeesian: The World’s 100 Most Influential People
  4. Long Island Transgender Male may be the First to Grace Men’s Health Cover
  5. Submit Your Nominations for Most Valuable Volunteer and Article of the Year
  6. Two Atheist Movements – And the One I Want to Be Part Of
  7. Barbara Bergmann, Leader in Gender-Based Economics, Dies at 87
  8. An 11-year-old Reported being Raped Twice, Wound up with a Conviction
  9. 5 Insane Realities at my Fundamentalist Christian College
  10. Georgia Walmart Pharmacist Refused to Fill Woman’s Medication After Miscarriage