Greetings to everyone.

I wanted to write a little introduction and explain why I support Secular Woman.

I am a religious man, and I know that would beg the question as to why a religious man would join and support an organization whose purpose is to secure the rights of secular women.

I penned several articles all in which I poured my heart out and then scrapped them afterwards.

First I explained how supporting Secular Woman fits in with my own religious beliefs.

Then I wrote another article about how this teaching or that teaching supports our mission here in Secular Woman.

And so on and so on.

But each time, upon reading what I had written, I saw that my articles were about me and my beliefs. But none of this is about me or my beliefs, but rather about my secular sisters.

Secular people have been persecuted by religious people for centuries.

If I were to jump in discussing my religious beliefs unsolicited in a secular forum, I would be invading a special much needed place with things that are forced down the throats of secular people on a regular basis.

Misogyny runs rampant and women don't need me to "mansplain" to them. What they need is for me to support and join on the mission for true equality.

Regardless of gender or religious beliefs or lack thereof, we share one humanity.

Without the voice of my secular sisters, the voice of that humanity is incomplete.

In the end, just as an atheist will stand up for what she or he believes in, not for hope of reward, or fear of retribution, but because it is the right thing to do, so too do I support Secular Woman for that simple reason.

It is the right thing to do.

For me, it is simply a matter of social justice.

Science bless you all!

Rogelio Enrique Santiago Tavera Garcia, Secular Woman Ally

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