Secular Woman is happy to announce our grant award recipients for the second Women in Secularism Conference.

Trinity Aodh; she tell us she is relatively new to secular activism and eager to attend her first secular conference.

Rachel Tobias; she left Orthodox Judaism and has been making her way into the secular movement. She hopes to eventually become a speaker at conferences like these and share her experiences with Judaism, Atheism, LGBTQ and Feminism.

Nicole Harris; she is eager to make more connections with other secular women and further develop the connection between social justice and secularism.

Kim Podlesnik; she is inspired by the courage of women in the secular movement who face down sexism and threats of violence on a sometimes daily basis and can’t wait to attend a conference filled with other women who share similar goals.

Devidyal Givens; she is a full time student with children and founder of the Humanist Student Union on her campus, and she is looking forward to attending a conference full of other secular women.

Stacy Kennedy; she is active with her Los Angeles CFI chapter and wants to take back what she learns from the conference to them and the rest of her community. She is committed to secularism, freethought, feminism and skepticism.

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