What are we Talking About


There are many interesting and insightful conversations happening in the Members Only Facebook group.  Want to know what we are talking about?  This weekly series highlights a few articles that members found interesting.

This week in the member’s only group we were talking about (curated links):

  1. Dr. Paul Connett gets Schooled
  2. New Blood Test Could Preduct Cancer Five Years Before It Develops
  3. Texas House Proposal Would Force People to Carry to Term Non-Viable Fetuses
  4. No One Showed UP to March for Rekia Boyd Last Night
  5. Transgender Teen Wins Case to Wear Makeup in DMV Photo
  6. Recent Supreme Court Rulling Confirms that Republicans are Trying to Disenfranchise African-Americans
  7. Laverna Cox gets Naked, Exposes Radical Feminist Exclusionism
  8. Sistah Vegan Conference
  9. Monette Richard on Butterflies and Wheels:  Priorities
  10. Alabama GOP Bill Would Force Women’s Clinic to Close by Treating it Like a Sex Offender