Here’s my idea for the next atheist billboard:
I'm an atheist...and you suck!

“I’m an atheist…and you suck!“*

No better way to show the true punk rock spirit of the atheist movement. After all, if you aren’t an atheist you know deep down inside we’re cooler than you. We know more and we think better. That’s a true, logical fact.
Does that make us jerks? Maybe so. But that’s why this billboard idea is so genius. We need to circle the wagons against irrationality. Create a circle of “jerks,” if you will.
Whenever I make this suggestion, people laugh or look at me like I have three heads. But those people suck.
Join the circle jerk!
Thanks for letting me finish,
Major Mike
*Apologies to The Meatmen and Matt Groening.

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