What are we Talking AboutThis week in the member’s only group we were talking about (curated links):



There are many interesting and insightful conversations happening in the members only group about a variety of topics.  Want to know what we are talking about? This weekly series will highlight a few articles that members found interesting.

This week in the member’s only group we were talking about (curated links):

  1. ‘A Risk of Harm’: Catholic Hospitals’ Ban on Tube-Tying
  2. The Plight of the Bitter Nerd: Why so Many Awakward, Shy Guys End up Hating Feminism
  3. What has Stalled Women’s Equality?  Affordable Childcare (Or Really, Lack Thereof)
  4. Fedora Shaming as Discursive Activism
  5. Beware of She-Wolves
  6. Republicans Introduce Five Anti-Abortion Bills in First Days of Congress
  7. Cardinal Burke Somehow Blames “Feminized” Church for Sexual Abuse Scandal
  8. Europe is Both Too Islamophobic and Too Timid in Facing the Roots of Islamic Fundamentalism
  9. The Transgender Drinking Point: Here’s to the Trans Femme Revolution of 2015
  10. The New Congress is 80 Percent White, 80 Percent Male, and 92 Percent Christian


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